Monday, 12 April 2010

Onto the bright side!

The day wasn't all shitty though, I'll admit. I got to hang out with Heidi again (my biochemist roomie from the Nikko Airport Hotel), met new friends from Nepal, Taiwan and the Dominican Republic, and we all had lunch at the KyoDai Cafeteria! twas fun!

Speaking of fun, thanks Elias for the Ramen and stroll in the Demachiyanagi Shinto Temple then Downtown Kyoto yesterday! 楽し! (fun!) I only wish I had a camera to show my baby all the cool things I saw!

Onto the topic of this post; a japanese traditional sweet I learned was made of Sweet potatoes! I bought them at the Kyoto Imperial Palace on Saturday, along with the white Rice-Puff things from the previous post! They come in a beautifully wrapped box:

I am forever in awe of how the Japanese present their products!
When you open, you get a very simple beautiful box, and inside, individually wrapped to stay fresh, The sweet potato cakes (yes that dough is apparently made of sweet potato!! crazy!)

     so. lovely.

Not only are these cakes beautiful, soft dough-y and delicate, but once you crack one open:

They are also filled with a delicious red beans past/dough that melts in your mouth, kinda like the "tamer" paste (dates) we use to make Maamoul during Eid and Easter. Except -more- delightful.

mmmmnomnomnom... Japan, you tickle my tastebuds <3


Sue-San said...

Agh, delicious cakes that I can't have. You tempt me... but just started to diet. ;___;

I'm glad you are finding enough things to delight in over there. :)

Love, Cwn.

Dina Abou Karam said...

thank you Cwn <3

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