Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gaijin Face


My name's Dina, and I'm a monbukagakusho scholar studying Art and Design in Kyoto for the next 3 years or so!
This blog was made for friends and family, as a humble chronicle of my days in Japan.
I hope you enjoy it!

I landed in Kansai International Airport on April 6th, and stayed at the Airport Hotel for one night with a sweet chemistry major from the Philippines named Heidi. Hotels in Japan are awesome because of two main things:

1) Delicious complimentary green tea in adorable cups:

2) semi-sentient toilets that wash your ass for you.

I shit you not! (hur hur...) This baby is fully equipped with "seat-heating", a spray function (3 levels of intensity...) and a bidet function all together. If you're watching TV but that pesky call of nature takes you by surprise, fret not!!! For this amazing bathroom has a speaker hooked up to your TV incorporated so that you don't miss a word of what's being said! hell to the yes, because I totally understand japanese TV! ... oh wait...

Since then I've settled in my room in Kyoto, will have more on that later, I hate very long posts. Also, I might post art in here!

- Gaijin Face


Bassem B. said...

"I shit you not"... ROFL. It had to be said.

Traditional Japanese toilets are much less comfy.

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