Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gaijin Face at the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Yesterday and today are the last days of Free Open Public Entrance of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Yes, I had to capitalize all of these. I also had to cycle my way down to the Gardens to visit said palace, and boy was it worth those 4-ish kilometers!

Here are some snapshots from there, I do hope you like them!

The weather was overcast, so walking in daylight wasn't too hot and annoying, I snapped tons of pictures of 2 main subjects; first the Palace (I could not pass up that once in a lifetime opportunity to take as many reference pics as possible!), and intriguingly enough, the swarm of people taking pictures! I have a good bunch of pictures of people just pointing their cameras out!


Kawaii desu ne!

I sketched some there, too! might go back today for the same reason :)
Here's a quick one of the Yamatomai outfit that was on display there, with some explanations.

Sweets are next!


Bassem B. said...

Seems like you're settling in fast :)

There's some inexplicable joy in biking around in a foreign land. I loved doing that in Cannes.

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