Monday, 12 April 2010

Day from Hell = Heavenly treat.

Anyone who has seen my Facebook page knows how my day went.
I had the welcome note at KyoDai (Kyoto University) today at 10am. Left the house at 9:10, it was raining cats and dogs, and I didn't have an umbrella so I decided against taking the bike there, since I'd have to buy an umbrella along the way and me cycling with one hand a-la-japonaise is farfetched to say the least. So walking it is, I thought, and I did just that to the 100 yen shop where I'm supposed to get the umbrella.
It was closed. Turns out the shop (like most others in Japan) opens at 10. ARG. I was too far off, and it was too late to go back and take my bike, so I opted to walk. "How much longer is it gonna rain for anyways? looks like it's starting to clear up!".
Aaaaand wrong again. It actually started to rain much harder about 5 minutes after I said that. So I walked my 3kms to KyoDai, having already too far off to catch the tram down to Demachiyanagi anyways. I arrived, of course, late. And the rest of the day so far has been an equal amount of Hell, as I:

1)  forgot to bring my addie along to register for a co-op discount card the KyoDai co-op. Ergo have to go back tomorrow.
2) had to purchase about 9000 en's worth of textbooks I already studied in Lebanon. wee.
3) It never stopped raining this whole time, and KyoDai's HUGE campus is open air, of course. Thank god for sweet gaijin friends who shared umbrellas!
4) My hair (not to mention entire body) that I spent an hour fixing last night and straightening needs to be washed and re-done tonight. My clothes are soaked.

After getting an umbrella from the shop near my dorm and going home, I proceeded to make myself some tea to warm up, but:
5) I dropped the cup and it broke into a million pieces. Now my 2-pieces set is lonely :( need to re-buy a matching tea-cup.
6) When pouring hot water into my other cup, it spilt over on my laptop.

Oh! but there is a silver lining to it all: I cut my foot since the tea cup/bowl fell on it and then bounced and broke, so I put a Hello Kitty band-aid I brought with me from Lebanon on it!
The day is SAVED!


So after all of this, you can imagine I needed a treat before getting to study. So I ate one of the treats I got from the Imperial Palace, A delicious Rice Puff filled with a really yummy sweet red beans paste. Mmm so sweet!

This isn't actually my fave! My fave is in the next post!


Bassem B. said...

I'm surprised shops open so late! For some reason I expected they would open extra early. That's not very convenient!

That rice puff looks delicious @_@

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