Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Fridge and some cooking!

Here's a peek inside my student-type fridge!

It looks measley, but it's actually fully stocked!

Contents from left to right, up to down:
Grilled Tofu, Thin Deep Fried Tofu, Sesame paste, konnyaku, Cheese on top of the konnyaku, one big can of Kirin Beer (been sitting there for 10 days...), dried mango from Heidi, something, a tub of Yogurt for making Labneh, mushrooms, granulated mustard, fresh eggs, bananas, a Dekopon, fruit marmalade pots, some Orange Juice, sushis and maki from the Combini, Okaru (bemieh) and Ginger Root, Naga Negi Onion, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, half a carrot, a cucumber, and finally water, latte in a cup for when I'm in a hurry and various cooking liquids (soya, mirin and cooking sake).
There's more stuffs in the Pantry and bread on top of the Fridge but I'm too lazy to take a picture...

So I obviously cook, and this is what comes out, for example:
Braised Meat and Vegetables (konnyaku, potatoes, carrots and pork bits stew!)
with a side of rice! nomnom!

It's from my Japanese Cookbook I got when I first got here! tomorrow I'm attempting simmered pork loins, and the day after a delicious cucumber and fried tofu salad with white sesame sauce! :D


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