Saturday, 10 April 2010


I bought my first bicycle today, and named it Sora (DAMN YOU NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN). Because it's blue, you know?
Ain't she a beaut:

Speaking of bicycles in Japan, I saw this odd pair the other day:

High heels, cute outfits and shiny pink bikes? YES WE CAN, says Japan. Seeing this makes me understand better Japan's whole "outrageous outfits + heels + Mixed Martial Arts" combo typical of female characters in games. (Although the West is also into the same thing?)
If you can ride a bicycle in style, then you kick some ass in style too. Do-You-Know-What-I-Am-Saying? (Butters)

Today was a gorgeous day, pic to prove it:

So I used Sora to get myself down to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which is open to the Public for free this week only! More in future post!


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